The Hat’s Story

Oh, I remember it well. It was in the late 90’s. I was sitting on the shelf in a hat shop in Estes Park, Colorado. Now don’t get me wrong, Estes Park is a beautiful place. And in the summer there are lots of people, and I like people. Many of them looked at me, tried me on. No takers though. I’m an XL hat, and I was just too big for most heads.

Let me tell you, I was getting pretty tired of being on that shelf by the end of the summer. Estes is a lot slower in the winter. After the elk season there’s practically no one. So I’d pretty much resigned myself to staying on the shelf for another winter, when a woman walked into the store.

She wandered around, picking a few hats up, but nothing seemed to take her fancy. Then she walked over to my shelf, looked at me, and picked me up. Here we go again, I thought. I figured I wasn’t going to fit her, I was sure of it. But wonder of wonders, I fit her perfectly! She went over to the mirror to see how we looked, and we looked dashing, if I do say so myself!

She must have thought so too, because she bought me, wore me out of the store. I was off the shelf, out in the world. Finally!

But little did I know just how much I’d get out in the world! Besides the United States, I’ve been to England, France, Italy, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia! I’ve been in mountains, plains, on boats and planes, out in snow, rain, sun, in all sorts of places. I’ve had several hatbands. I’m a bit faded, a bit misshapen from how I started out, but I’m still whole and still on the job.

And now there’s a blog named for me! Yup, I’ve got lots of stories. And I’m looking forward to telling them.

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