South Africa!

I forgot, or ran out of time, to post this before we left. So it’s way outdated now, but so be it. I finally have a bit of time (and brainpower) to work on this.



We leave in a little over a week, headed to a game lodge. We bought the package at a charity auction almost two years ago, and are finally taking the trip.

We fly Denver to London, have a nine-hour layover for which we’re going to get a day room at a Heathrow hotel, then board South African Air for a 15-hour flight to Johannesburg. From Joburg, we fly to Durban, then have a three-hour drive to the lodge. While doing other travels, I have met people flying from South Africa to the States, and they are pretty much zombies by the time I meet them. I suspect I will be no different. Gaa. The only part of the trip I’m not looking forward to is the flying.

We have been vaccinated up the wazoo: typhoid, Hepatitis A (one shot so far, the next in 6 months or so). A tetanus shot that includes three other things that I forget–hangnails, carbon-14 and stupidity, maybe?

We have pills for malaria and diarrhea, two conditions I am fervently hoping to avoid. We take the malaria pills while we’re there, and as for the diarrhea, the doctor advised that we only drink bottled water and eat only cooked foods: “You can live without a salad for a week.” Well alrighty then!

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